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Poems of the mind and heart, and of their devious puzzles.

KNOTS confronts the needs, dualities and riddles of the mind and heart, laying down themes of memory and art, reason and belief, intimacy and desire. Actively engaging the nature of thought and our always unpredictable, evolving experience of love, we discover that neither mind nor heart are quite what we assume.

Birds Flock Fish School
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Birds Flock Fish School sees language as an example of emergence, the spontaneous interaction by which birds flock and fish travel in schools. These shimmering poems—that try to ease the reader out of accustomed ways of understanding nature, mortality, loss and love—articulate a vast, roving philosophical curiosity channelled through urgent form. Using a voice both sophisticated and simple, these poems invent a new way of perceiving, a world where “everything unites, at odds with itself.”

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Taking Shape
 is about love, its powerful personal history, its public geography and geology, how it changes, how it shifts itself into different forms and temporalities, and how that love profoundly alters an individual’s point of view and the world at large. Finally, Taking Shape also is about the nature of shape, how the very form or vessel, like language itself, persuades us to take on as well as escape from the many breathtaking landscapes and mysteries, clues and possibilities of our shared lives.


In Scenes it is the restrained, understated quality of the verse coupled with the smooth rhythms that first impress the reader. The skill displayed is that of the careful craftsman . . . Edward Carson is an important poet and one whose future work will be eagerly awaited.” – Michael Ridley